Gas Condensate Refinery
The main company activities include endeavor to achieve new technologies in fields of designing and implementing various parts of refinery, make reasonable exploitation of country’s underground treasures and present proper answer to progressive needs to refinery products. Important company goals are as below:

1. Increase all kinds of petrol producing rates in under construction refinery

2. Special regards to human resources as main capital of organization and tries to resolve their needs

3. Use modern and scientific methods in installment and construction management and make allowance to grow the refinery’s gain level

4. Special lookout to HSE to save organization programs

5. Utilize modern methods of production management in all levels to promote system gain and efficiency and accordingly increase productivity rate

• Vision:

– Acquire first stage in petrol producing in company

– Changing to one of the five major petrol export companies in middle east zone

• Mission

– Reform abiding produced petrol quality to retrench air pollution and correct consumption pattern

– Petrol producing by using latest technical knowledge and upon current world standards

In terms of business, our company is professional in Bitumen trading. We are able to supply desirable penetration grade bitumen 40/50, 60/70, and 85/100 manufactured by Passargad refinery packed in new steel drum or in bitutainer as bulk. The products can be delivered to any safe ports all around the world by the clients order by four different ways, bulk, barrels, one tone or any other desirable mass in jumbos and 30-40 kg weigh bituplast. At present, we have good target market in Mali, Burkina, UAE, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan and Tajikistan. In case of order, we would have no problem to provide any other penetration grade bitumen.
we are pround of honesty in work rapid delivery srvice and our customer satisfaction