Seven Qeshm participation in Duch seminar to present siraf rifinery project

Seven Qeshm participation in Duch seminar to present siraf rifinery project

TEHRAN, Oct. 31 (Shana) – The Iran Offshore Projects Outlook 2015 seminar which was held in the Netherlands concluded on a positive note on introducing the current and upcoming projects as well as exploring developing and operating of oil fields in the post-sanctions Iran.

The historic Kasteel de Wittenburg, near The Hague brought under the same ceiling on October 27-28 the representatives from oil and gas officials and executives from Iran and other countries in the world to engage in focused meetings with relevant stakeholders and to explore networking possibilities.
According to Iran’s Embassy in The Hague, the event was attended by representatives from major foreign companies including oil giants Royal Dutch Shell and French Total, as well delegates from Iranian oil and energy sectors.
Iran’s Ambassador to the Netherlands, Ali-Reza Jahangiri invited European firms to take the opportunity after removal of the sanctions against the Islamic Republic and invest in Iran’s oil and gas industry.
Introducing the Iranian EPC offshore companies, reporting of project needs and requirements, ways to engage in Iranian projects, collaborating between European and local EPC-partners, facilitating financial structures as investments, guarantees, fund transfers and insurances, discussing latest rules and regulations, improving business by partnering and clustering knowledge, reviewing of latest European offshore developments, presenting advances and trends on heavy oil, directional drilling, multilateral reservoirs, fishbone well drilling, and networking constituted the event’s highlights, organizers said.
Key speakers from Iran included Deputy Petroleum Minister for International Affairs Amir-Hossein Zamani-Nia, and CEO of Iranian Offshore Engineering and Construction Company Ali-Reza Manouchehri.
Speaking at the opening of the seminar, Zamani-Nia said Iran is planning to secure 185 billion dollars of investment in its oil industry during the Sixth Five-Year Development Plan by 2021.
“Stable domestic environment, effective and constructive foreign policies in international interactions, and Iran’s deep interest in observing international law to settle differences are the incentives for foreign investors in Iran,” he added.
He introduced massive volume of untapped oil and gas reservoirs, high standards of the industry’s technical and engineering operations, availability of expert human resources with relatively low fees, and low-cost oil extraction compared to other producers as Iranian oil industry’s additional advantages for foreign investors.
Also Manouchehri told participants that Iran’s new oil and gas contracts will be unveiled in conference in Tehran on November 28-29.

A message from the CEO of Bank Tejarat Ali Rastgar in the capacity of the host of seminar was read out by the bank’s director general of international relations, in which he welcomed cooperation with foreign companies to finance oil and gas projects in Iran.

Foreign participants included managers and specialist from the Association of Dutch Suppliers in the Oil and Gas Industry (IRO), Atradius Dutch State Business, Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research, Port of Rotterdam, Zeeland Seaports, Group of XODUS, and BusiNow.

The seminar was organized by CBC Oil & Gas and by Business and Knowledge Center Holland B.V. – BusiNow – with support of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran.