Gas condensate is a typically by-product of both, gas and oil production. In the gas field it is generated in the gas drying process. In the oil field it forms a part of associated gas and such is mostly flared. Instead of being flared, gas condensate could be used to produce valuable refinery products. The project involves increasing the current refinery capacity by an additional 60,000 BPD, to produce LPG, Naphtha, Kerosene and Gas Oil for the export market at Middle East. It also includes construction of storage tanks, compressor units, boiler rooms, an aromatics plant, a gasoil hydrotreater and a splitter to divide heavy and light naphtha, installation of related equipment, metering units, safety system, and other infrastructural related facilities. With the construction of this gas condensate refinery, the necessary feedstock will be supplied by South Pars gas field for domestic purposes and exporting such products as gasoline, gasoil, naphtha and petroleum. That will bring big revenues for the country.

In terms of business, our company is professional in Bitumen trading. We are able to supply desirable penetration grade bitumen 40/50, 60/70, and 85/100 manufactured by Passargad refinery packed in new steel drum or in bitutainer as bulk. The products can be delivered to any safe ports all around the world by the clients order by four different ways, bulk, barrels, one tone or any other desirable mass in jumbos and 30-40 kg weigh bituplast. At present, we have good target market in Mali, Burkina, UAE, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan and Tajikistan. In case of order, we would have no problem to provide any other penetration grade bitumen. We are proud to declare that our price is not only competitive, but also is below the minimum price of Iran’s Bitumen.